AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator

Pumps for the chemical industry

Debem’s chemical pumps for the chemical industry can be used to transfer resins, solvents, acids (such as hydrochloric acid) and abrasive products. The pumps for chemical products can be found in plants for pumping solvents in explosive atmospheres, thanks to the ATEX and IECEx certifications, in supplying pressurised reactors or as dosing systems with our batch controller or cycle counter.

The pumps are compatible with numerous chemical products such as liquid acids, suspensions, solvents, creams and pastes (including abrasive pastes), flammable liquids and highly viscous products.

Debem’s production range includes transfer pumps for emptying drums or tanks. Electric chemical pumps products with mechanical seal, with magnetic drive or vertical centrifugal pumps designed to be installed in tanks to transfer chemical products.

Summary of applications for chemical industry pumps:

– Supplying pressurised reactors
– Creams and pastes
– Electric pump for chemical products
– Pump for flammable liquids
Chemical pump products
– Pumping solvents in explosive atmospheres
– Chemical pumps
– Transfer pumps
– Pumps for abrasives
– Pumps for acids
– Pumps for acids and abrasives
– Pumps for hydrochloric acid
– Pumps for the chemical industry
– Abrasive products
– Dosing systems
– Solvents
– Suspensions
– Transfer resins
– Transfer solvents