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Pulsation dampeners

The EQUAFLUX SERIES consists of pulsation dampeners suitable for use with air-operated double diaphragm pumps. The high capacity of minimising pulsations, vibrations and water-hammer makes it the ideal component for protecting systems. The dampers adapt automatically to the pump’s operating conditions (they don’t need manual adjustments or calibrations) and guarantee a regular outlet flow rate.



The ATEX – IECEx certified EQUAFLUX series can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The EQUAFLUX pulsation damper is operated by the same compressed air that drives the pump. The air, introduced in the counter-pressure chamber (behind the diaphragm), creates a self-adjusting pneumatic damping cushion based on the pressure exerted by the pump.


FDA Equaflux

The ATEX – IECEx certified FDA EQUAFLUX series can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Equaflux 51 FDA
Equaflux 51 FDA

Pulsation dampener in the FDA EQUAFLUX series is a real must for any pneumatic pump in those applications where a smooth, regular fluid output is required.


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    Pulsation DAMPENERS

    Technical features

    Debem pulsation dampeners can be used with fluids with a high viscosity and large suspended solids.

    Customers can choose from a vast range of construction materials to achieve the best chemical compatibility with the fluid and/or the environment, without neglecting the correct operating temperature range. Specifications:

    • Operates with non-lubricated air
    • High performance and strength
    • Suitable for minimising pulsating flows
    • Suitable for minimising vibrations during the operation of the pump
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