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Electric centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps are devices widely used across multiple industrial sectors due to their ability to handle a broad range of liquids and provide a consistent flow at a relatively stable pressure. Debem offers an array of electric centrifugal pumps, each tailored to meet specific industrial needs: from managing corrosive liquids to transferring fluids with suspended solids. Thanks to this type of industrial pumps, Debem can deliver low-maintenance, highly versatile pumping systems for every requirement:

  • DM Series: magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, devoid of mechanical seals and internal metal parts, ideal for highly corrosive and aggressive fluids.
  • KM Series: magnetic drive centrifugal pumps suitable for transferring highly corrosive liquids, without internal metal parts or mechanical seals.
  • MB Series: horizontal centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals and open impellers, suitable for handling fluids with suspended solids.
  • IM Series: Vertical centrifugal pumps designed for direct tank installation, capable of transferring fluids with solid particles in suspension.

Magnetic drive centrifugal pump DM

DM SERIES: magnetic drive centrifugal pump with a resin casing (PP/PVDF).

The complete lack of mechanical seals and internal metal parts make these pumps ideally suited to pumping highly corrosive and aggressive fluids.


Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps KM

KM series: magnetic driven, electric centrifugal pumps available in PP and PVDF resins.

Avoiding mechanical seals, metal internal parts and mechanical transmission devices in the fluid chamber, they are especially suitable for transferring clean and highly corrosive fluids.


Horizontal centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals MB

MB SERIES: horizontal centrifugal pumps with a resin casing (PP/PVDF)

MB SERIES: horizontal centrifugal pumps with a resin casing (PP/PVDF), horizontal axis, mechanical seal and open impeller, designed to pump even very dirty fluids with suspended solids.


Vertical centrifugal pump IM

IM SERIES: vertical centrifugal pump with a resin casing (PP/PVDF)

IM SERIES: vertical centrifugal pump with a resin casing (PP/PVDF), vertical axis, designed to be installed directly in the tank. The IM pumps are also designed to pump fluids with suspended solids.


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    Advantages and applications of a centrifugal pump

    Debem’s electric centrifugal pumps stand out for their high resistance to corrosion, energy efficiency, and ability to handle challenging fluids. They are especially effective in transferring corrosive liquids due to high-quality materials like PP and PVDF. The absence of mechanical seals minimizes the risk of leaks and malfunctions, while the versatility in pump design allows for a wide range of applications, from transferring clean liquids to those with suspended solids. Thanks to their versatility and reliability, centrifugal pumps are employed in numerous industrial sectors:

    • Agriculture: Centrifugal pumps play a crucial role in water transfer within agricultural processes, such as irrigation and tank drainage.
    • Water Treatment: Ideal for the treatment, purification, and purification of wastewater in both civil and industrial contexts.
    • Maritime: They contribute to the stability and safety of maritime operations by managing ballast water in vessels.
    • Electronic and Automotive Industries: They find use in advanced industrial processes, like the manufacturing of printed circuits, surface treatments, and galvanization processes.
    • Petrochemical: Suitable for transferring liquids at extremely high temperatures.
    • Chemical: Due to their chemical and mechanical resistance, they are essential for moving corrosive chemical compounds.
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