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Debem is a cutting edge company specialised in designing, constructing and producing industrial pumps for highly demanding environments. Debem has been operating in the fluid transfer and movement sector for over 30 years.

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Debem Srl traces its roots to 1975, when its founder, Marco De Bernardi, thanks to the theoretical and practical experience garnered in the field, decided to tackle his first independent project: an industrial pump company and in particular a 1.5 HP plastic centrifugal pump. The prototype was an immediate success, so much so that he decided to risk everything and go it alone, creating his own line of industrial pumps. The main sectors that he focused on were the chemical industry, in all its variants, and the textile industry. At the time the latter was particularly successful in Italy and Varese was in many ways its beating heart. As the demand for pumps continued growing, Debem increased its product range, always striving to be ahead of the times and looking for new solutions to overcome the difficulties of the production process.

The continuous technical research and industrial innovation led to the first patent in 1987, which covered the engineering study of the air-operated system of the distributor. This design is still in use in Debem’s air-operated double diaphragm pumps and has even been copied by various Italian and international competitors. The new design, utterly unique for the time, met with immediate and extensive success. This triggered an exponential growth that over the years confirmed Debem’s role as one of Italy’s points of excellence in the production of pumps, and especially air-operated double diaphragm pumps.

Debem today

Today the company sells and exports its products throughout the world and continues innovating and patenting new products. It maintains its cutting edge role in the industrial sector, which is unfortunately all too often plagued by unethical competitors whose only forte is fake advertising.
Debem owns the patents of its technology, and constructs and designs all its products in-house using certified Italian materials. Its latest generation in-house test laboratory allows it to test its technical data and also meet all the requests and requirements of its customers.
Debem is and will always be an Italian company (producing pumps). We confirm our constant commitment to innovation and research, found in the features of our new products and in a rational and original style, that doesn’t try to copy from other competitors, something that is not easy to do in a market where nearly everything has been tried.

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