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The philosophy

Brand identity

Debem Srl is a company with a strong Made in Italy identity and with exceptional production know-how, ready to win the new competitive challenges of an increasing international market. The company is well aware of the value of the brand and of the strategic importance of the communication tools, as the fundamental elements of a development policy in relation to the customers and the prospects.
This is the philosophy behind the entire evolution project of Debem Srl’s new brand identity and of the new company and commercial communication supports.
An approach that considered the renewal with an awareness of the company’s tradition, with clean and rigorous lines, which enhanced its distinctive characteristics and promoted the communication processes.


The New Logo










The pictogram

The pictogram in Debem Srl’s new logo is an evocative silhouette, which encapsulates multiple meanings and interpretations and that, at the same time, renders the logo as a whole unique.

The design of the new logo expresses various aspects of the company identity.


The soft strokes and the continuity of the letter “d” recall the shape of a drop, that, at the same time, creates a perception of containment, which evokes Debem’s core business: the production of industrial pumps and the fluids that are channelled through them.

The DEBEM name is based on the name of the company owner, De Bernardi Marco. Identity, uniqueness.

Pump your needs: represents dedication to meeting customer needs efficiently and effectively.


The new catalogue and the new technical sheets

The evolution project of Debem Srl’s new brand identity, included the creation and production of new company and commercial communication supports.

The new catalogue and the new product technical sheets have been designed by marrying renewal and internationalisation with Debem’s strengths: tradition and its “Made in Italy” production.

The drivers behind the concepts were clarity, immediacy, optimisation and recognisability, with the aim of providing customers and prospects with tools that allow for an intuitive, but in-depth, consultation.


The new website

The new website has been designed for all Debem users. Debem has carried out in-depth research in its customers’ requirements, in order to provide them with a navigation experience of the website that is as simple as possible.

Design and contents have been re-examined from the bottom up, to start over with a new approach and a fresher design. The navigation of the website from smartphones and tablets has been optimised to the maximum, to build a direct link between Debem and the users, wherever they may be viewing the site from.

The new configurator has made finding the most suitable double diaphragm pump for your requirements even easier, with just a few seconds and a couple of clicks. We are sure that you will recognise our traditional attention to your requirements at every single click.


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