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Chemical compatibility

The type of fluid, the temperature and the operating environment are the factors that influence the selection of the pump materials and its correct chemical compatibility. The table below is included by way of example.

Chemical compatibility

Use the drop-down menu to select a chemical substance and then a material.

    Perform an analysis between a chemical substance and a material to check the compatibility.

    • A – Excellent
    • B – Good
    • C – Fair
    • D – Poor (not recommended)
    • N/A – Information not available
    1 = Satisfactory up to 22°C (72°F)
    2 = Satisfactory up to 48°C (120°F)
    For more information don’t hesitate to contact the Debem technical support. We have collected the information from reliable sources. Debem, not having carried any verification of the data, cannot be held responsible for the correctness of the information.

    The table refers to pure polypropylene and PVDF. Our plastic materials contain glass and carbon additives that could influence the chemical compatibility of the pump.

    The user, with their in-depth knowledge of their product, can make the most accurate decision regarding the chemical compatibility.

    The information in this table has been supplied to Debem from other reliable sources and must be used EXCLUSIVELY as a guide in selecting the materials for the pump parts in contact with the fluid, such as: Pump casing and manifolds, diaphragms, balls, ball seats and o-rings.
    The assessment of the chemical reaction listed in this table refers to an exposure period of 48 hours. Debem has no knowledge of the possible effects after this period. Debem does not guarantee (neither expressly nor implicitly) that the information contained in this table is accurate or complete or that any material is suitable for any use.

    Changes in the chemical behaviour during handling, due to factors such as temperature, pressure and concentrations, could trigger issues in the pump.
    Use adequate protections and/or personal protection equipment when installing the pump in the circuit or when performing maintenance on the pump. Read the use and maintenance manual before any operation on the pump.

    All indications provided by this configurator are based on general knowledge of the current consensus about chemical compatibility, and they do not constitute obligation or warranty by Debem.

    Working conditions and fluid modifications, temperature etc. can impact significantly on the resistance of materials.

    The user and/or customer is intended to be most knowledgeable about his application and the involved fluids, and it’s always recommended to perform adequate preliminar testing at the actual working conditions.

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