AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator

Our certifications

Certification for pumps designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

IECEx is an international certification that demonstrates compliance with the Ex standards for pumps designed to be installed in potentially explosives atmospheres.

Self-certification of the suitability of the materials, in compliance with the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration.

Debem is an ISO 9001 certified company, which means that it complies with the quality procedure that sets out the tests and inspections that must be performed on every pump produced and not just on a sample of the production.

Debem has joined in the initiative promoted by the Busto Arsizio town council, “Cuore in Comune”, to increase the use of defibrillators and has purchased a latest generation defibrillator to provide first aid in case of cardiac arrests. It has also implemented a campaign to safeguard health, increase prevention and raise the awareness of our employees about first aid techniques.

Debem has always cared for the planet on which we live and that we must leave in the best way possible for our children, this is why we have a Lifegate certification for using electricity from renewable energy sources.

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