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Case Hystory le pompe per il settore del trattamento delle acque

The water treatment sector is one of the most difficult areas in which to work, due to the severe working conditions of the pumps. Debem has been working in this field for more than thirty years and has acquired a wealth of experience which is reflected in the design of pumps, ideal for using on all kinds of pertinent applications.

In water treatment, it is common to treat fluids that have very high pH levels, are highly acidic or extremely basic that require technical specifications from the pump that are completely different from one another. Debem offers an extremely wide range of materials that allow the pump to be fully compatible with all levels of pH in the fluids.

In the various applications that we have encountered over the years of working, there have been those that have seen the Debem pumps pump fluids with high density and viscosity. This was not a problem as our AODD pumps have a functioning principle that make them comparable to plunger volumetric pumps.

The presence of suspended solids does not undermine the high performance of our pumps because their intrinsic function allows for fluids with suspended solids to be transferred: the balls with their alternating movement, leave room for solids to pass whose size depends solely on the dimension of the pump in question.

Even the presence of debris and filaments of a certain length do not impede the Debem AODD pumps from carrying out their work efficiently. Besides, the company has developed a new AODD pump model – Full Flow 502 whose main hydraulic circuit with flap (with flap valves) positioned horizontally, can easily circulate debris with a diameter of 45 mm and lengths in excess of 60 mm.

Abrasive sludge does not undermine the work of the Debem pumps that can be configured with special anti-abrasive materials, diaphragm with an increased thickness with reinforced linen finishing and self-lubricated plastics help the pump to work to its maximum potential and for long periods of time.

The emptying of wells or cisterns with negative suction head (so with the pump initially dry-running) is not a problem. The strong effort of the diaphragm is counterbalanced by their “Long-life” profile, a detail that it is possible to find only in Debem products, as the name says, despite the harsh working conditions they are exposed to, they have a longer lifespan on average compared to their competitors.