AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator


28 August 2019

The show has always been a hub for commercial meetings and technological innovation, where industry experts present their latest in engineering and where new services are proposed.

Especially over the last few decades, focus has been placed on the effectiveness of the production cycle and research into new materials, due largely to the increasingly stricter regulations in force.

As part of this sphere for innovation and discovery, the AchemAsia fair was held in Shanghai from 21-23 May 2019.

The macro-topics covered included digitalisation, pharmaceutical technology, and safety and technology for water processing and treatment.

We were there with our products to present our latest solutions in the field of fluid pumping.

We were pleased to show the vast number of visitors some of our many pneumatic and centrifugal industrial pumps for treating corrosive and aggressive fluids, technologically advanced products stemming from more than 35 years in the business.

One of the strong points – in terms of efficiency and practicality – of our production is the patented stall-prevention coaxial pneumatic exchanger found in all our Debem AODD pumps.

This device introduces compressed air to change the equilibrium of the pressure of the diaphragms, assisted by a stall-prevention circuit, that guarantees optimal performance, even in the most critical conditions. Our long lasting stall-prevention exchanger with an estimated 50.000.000 cycles is easy to install, fitted with a self-lubricating system, with no metallic parts, normally subject to chemical aggression, only plastic components.


At our stand you could find:


Together with the, by now, tried and tested MIDGETBOX, Debem wanted to create an equally compact product with the advantage of having passages for the fluid, conceptually equal to those found in larger counterpart products and thus improving performance.


In the same way, the CUBIC15 15 was flanked by the recent BOXER 15. The main difference is the presence on the market of the BOXER 15 in materials like Aluminium and AISI 316.


A new pneumatic pump design produced entirely in a solid piece of PTFE FDA – for the parts in contact with the fluid, is popular in the chemical industry thanks to its high resistance to aggressive acidic products, and the food industry.

In order to make the pump instrumentally more resistant, AISI 316 supports have been fitted.


This has proved very popular for water treatment in the tanning industry.

The basic model is a Boxer, characterised by the presence of flap valves fitted on a patented circuit and horizontally positioned.

This way:

  • The maximum passage allowed for the conduction of solids has been raised to 45mm
  • It can pump fluids with pieces of fabric, hides and filaments of varying origin up to a length of 60 cm (or more if required).
  • The fluid loaded with any kind of solid suspension passes under the chambers containing the membranes thus reducing the risk of breakage.

2020 will also see us taking part in some interesting industry trade fairs so stay tuned on our Blog and social networks where you can find us!

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