AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator

Air operated double diaphragm pumps

Debem’s air operated double diaphragm pumps are ideal for pumping liquids with high apparent viscosity, even if containing suspended solids. The stall-prevention circuit guarantees a safe operation, without requiring lubricated air. These pumps have achieved unprecedented levels of versatility due to their self-priming capacity with a considerable suction head, the ability to fine-tune the speed without losses of pressure as well as the possibility of dry-running without suffering damage. The vast range of construction materials allows us to select the best chemical compatibility with the fluid and/or the environment, without neglecting the operating temperature range. The construction principle of the air operated double diaphragm pumps makes them ideally suited for demanding applications or potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX – IECEx certification).


The double diaphragm pumps of the CUBIC series (ATEX – IECEx certification) feature a unique design for their genre. The cubic design and limited size, make them ideally suited to be installed directly on industrial equipment for the chemical sector, to pump ink and paint, on printing machines, in oil circulation and in applications where moderate quantities of fluid must be pumped in small spaces. The CUBIC range of double diaphragm pumps includes the MIDGETBOX air pump which is currently the smallest and highest performing pump on the market for the chemical sector.

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The ATEX – IECEx certified double diaphragm pumps, built with various materials such as PP – PVDF – ALU – AISI 316 L, are designed to pump liquids with high apparent viscosity, even if containing suspended solids.

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Remote control

The air-operated double diaphragm pumps of the DEBEM REMOTE CONTROL range have been designed and built to offer our customers greater control for dosing and measuring applications and wherever there is the need to drive the pump with electric/electronic devices, to allow for the full-automation of the process.

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    Cubic and Boxer air-operated double diaphragm pumps

    The air operated double diaphragm pumps and volumetric pumps are sturdy and powerful, self-priming (dry negative vacuum) also in demanding conditions and they can transfer liquids with high viscosity, even with suspended solids. The BOXER and CUBIC series both feature a special pneumatic exchanger coaxial to the shaft and without any external component. It is a unique piece of engineering that is highly-resistant to the formation of ice and only found on our pumps. All the air operated double diaphragm pumps of these two series have been tested to guarantee maximum safety in demanding environments (that is in the presence of particularly aggressive and viscous fluids), they are suitable for dry-operation without being damaged, don’t require lubricated air and are self-priming. Their components are easy to replace and the maintenance can easily be performed by non-qualified personnel. They are available in the following versions: POLYPROPYLENE, PVDF / ECTFE, Aluminium and AISI 316 L stainless steel.