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Industrial graphics and paint sector

Settore dell’industria grafica e della verniciatura

A vast number of Debem clients operate in the graphic and painting industries. Over the last forty years of activity we have supplied industrial pumps to graphics machine manufacturers where they intervene to transfer inks and solvents.

Our products installed in lamination machines have pumped glues and adhesives, have become part of flexographic machines, curtain coater machines and largely even in batch formulation plants and in paint and protective spraying plants.

Numerous players in these sectors ask themselves why use Debem AODD pumps rather than other brands. The answer is very simple: the printing machines require pumps to be exact so they work properly and to their maximum potential and Debem is leader in the industry for supplying pumps that always fully meet the requirements of the various applications.

Our strong point is reliability. The inks can be highly viscous and the pump needs to be able to transfer them without a hitch and without being subject to excessive maintenance. Thanks to the ATEX and IECEx certificates we can pump even fluids with a low level of solvent in complete safety.

Furthermore, the printing machines require the pumps to be able to regulate the ink load and provide a steady supply of fluid that the Debem pumps can offer thanks to the Equaflux pulsation dampers.

As well as being in possession of the previously listed characteristics, another of Debem pumps’ strong points is being able to personalise in order to meet the customers’ application needs. One practical example are the pumps we find in the batch formulation plants. In these machines the number of pumps is very high but the space for positioning them is extremely limited. Debem solves the problem thanks to the possibility of splitting the pump’s suction and flow in order for the pump to pump two different colours at the same time.

The main pumps offered in these sectors belong to the family of the Cubic like the small, compact Midgetbox and Cubic 15 that are efficient and suited to working in restricted spaces and are surprisingly powerful for their size.

We can also find those from the Boxer family, mainly the small sized ones like the Boxer 7, Boxer 15, Microboxer and Boxer 50.

Batch formulation plants often require larger sizes so the Boxer 81/90, Boxer 100 and Boxer 150 are proposed.