AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator

Sector for the graphic and painting industry

19 September 2019

A vast number of Debem clients operate in the graphic and painting industries.

The main uses:

  • Printing machines, where pumps transfer ink and solvents
  • Lamination machines, to transfer glues and adhesives
  • Flexography machines
  • Protective paint spraying systems etc.
  • Curtain coater machines
  • Batch formulation plants

Why use AODD pumps? – https://www.debem.com/prod/air-operated-double-diaphragm-pumps/

The printing machines demand exact specifications from our pumps in order to work properly and to perfection.

Reliability: inks can be highly viscous and the pump has to be able to transfer them without excessive maintenance; furthermore, they can be water or solvent based and our AODD pumps handle this very well, with a good quality/price ratio.

Safety: all our AODD pumps hold ATEX certificates.

Ease of use and adjustment: adjusting the flow is always easy and fast, applying a suitable valve on the air supply or flow line.

Flow mode: our AODD pumps, especially if fitted with “Equaflux” pulsation dampeners, can provide a more or less continuous flow which prevents the formation of foam inside the inkwells.

As well as possessing the same characteristics as those listed above, one further strong point in these sectors is the possibility of splitting the suction and/or flow, in order to supply two different basins with the same product or create blends of two different products, as well as saving precious space when the required flow is very low, using small pumps that cater for two ink lines each.

Which AODD pumps does DEBEM recommend in these sectors?

DEBEM recommends the CUBIC and BOXER families.

As part of the CUBIC family we find the small and compact Midgetbox and Cubic 15 that are efficient and suited to working in restricted spaces and are surprisingly powerful for their size.

See https://www.debem.com/prod/cubic-pumps/

As part of the Boxer family we find mainly small sized pumps, from the Boxer 7 to the Boxer 50.

Colour workshops often require larger sizes with requests such as Boxer 81/90, Boxer 100 and Boxer 150.

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