AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator


Air-operated double diaphragm pumps

Air-operated double diaphragm volumetric pumps, ATEX – IECEx certified, constructed in polypropylene or PVDF in the plastic version or in aluminium or AISI 316 L for the metal versions. BOXER pumps are ideal for pumping liquids with high apparent viscosity, even if containing suspended solids. The vast range of materials available for the parts in contact with the fluid, such as pump casings and manifolds, diaphragms, balls, ball seats and o-rings, makes them compatible with any type of fluid present on the market. They can be used in numerous applications such as the following industries: chemical, graphic, paint, galvanic, ceramic, naval, textile, leather, mechanical, oil and many more.

Application sectors

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Product designed and constructed in Italy
PATENTED stall-prevention pneumatic circuit
Operates with non-lubricated air
Dry operation
ATEX certification for ZONE 1 – ZONE 2
IECEx certification
Adjustable operating speed
Extremely versatile
Suitable for pumping liquids with high viscosity and demanding applications
Possibility of pumping fluids containing suspended solids
Possibility of suspended installation
Manifolds can be supplied with stainless steel reinforcement rings for pumps in PP – PP+CF – PVDF
Nozzles available with clamp connections and DIN 11851 (only pumps in AISI 316)
LONG LIFE profile diaphragms (available in different elastomers) for greater resistance and longer life
Suitable for continuous use