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How pneumatic double diaphragm pumps can increase the safety of the working environment

Come le pompe pneumatiche a doppia membrana possono aumentare la sicurezza dell’ambiente lavorativo

The safety of a company’s employees and customers has become a very important priority in any market sector. The evolution of legislation and the spread of a corporate culture of safety have contributed to the introduction, within the corporate performance objectives, of many indicators concerning the safety of the workplace. The use of equipment and tools compliant with regulations can also be useful in contributing to workplace safety. In this case, the use of double diaphragm pumps plays a fundamental role in improving company safety conditions.

How AODD pumps contribute to guaranteeing suitable safety conditions at work

How AODD pumps contribute to guaranteeing suitable safety conditions at work

Double diaphragm pumps have become a cutting-edge application standard capable of bringing tangible benefits in terms of productivity and performance. A further advantage of AODD pumps concerns precisely the benefits that can be obtained from the point of view of the safety of the working environment. Let’s see the individual aspects that can adequately support the various corporate security processes.

Compressed air operation

Debem AODD pumps do not provide electrical power sources but operate with the aid of compressed air. In this way, the pumps can be connected to the ground and used in a safe and reliable manner even in explosive environments or where operational needs require the pumping of flammable or combustible liquids.

Construction materials

Construction materials

The use of electrically conductive or static dissipative materials increases the reliability conditions of the diaphragm pump, especially in working environments characterized by a high explosive risk. In terms of materials, DEBEM pneumatic pumps are made of conductive plastics containing carbon fiber which makes them safer in case of electrostatic charges. The advantage becomes very evident when we compare other pumps on the market instead made with carbon powders which are characterized by greater cost-effectiveness of materials but by the very low level of electrical conductivity.

Minimization of losses

The design features of the diaphragm pumps offered by Debem help to drastically reduce the risk of leaks: The absence of rotating elements, gaskets and mechanical seals make them less subject to wear and consequent failures that could cause liquid leakage pumped up.

Design Compatibility

Debem double diaphragm pumps are designed according to compatibility with the liquid to be transported. Checking the compatibility of the liquid is a fundamental aspect of the design process that allows you to adequately define performance characteristics and construction materials. In this case it will be possible to safely transport abrasive liquids, at high temperatures, flammable substances, and liquids with high viscosity.

Dry running

An additional design feature of Debem AODD pumps allows safe dry running for long periods of time without overheating issues that could generate dangerous situations, such as explosions or fires, and the need for costly repairs and downtime.

“Dead-Head” in complete safety

Debem’s AODD pumps can experience the phenomenon known as “Dead-Head” if a valve on the fluid side closes. In this case the pump will increase the fluid pressure until it is equal to the air inlet pressure. The pump will stop pumping until the valve is open on the waste fluid side of the pump. In this case, all the risks relating to an excessive increase in pressure with unsafe consequences for the system are eliminated.

Certifications and safety standards

Certifications and safety standards

Double diaphragm pumps are equipped with many certification profiles that make them a safe tool for use also from a regulatory point of view. AODD pumps have been designed and tested to comply with a wide range of certifications and standards, the main ones being ATEX and IECEx.

Portability features

Debem AODD pumps are designed to be transported easily and installed quickly and safely, becoming an excellent solution in the presence of system mobility and versatility needs. AODD pumps can be easily transported manually or mounted on a trolley to be moved safely within the system.


Maintaining high safety standards is a priority to be maintained also within the process of selecting and purchasing an AODD pump. For more information on selecting the most suitable AODD pump to ensure compliance with all industry safety standards, please contact our sales team.