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Debem increases its presence on foreign markets with the new branch Debem Deutschland GmbH

Debem accresce la sua presenza sui mercati esteri nasce Debem Deutschland GmbH

Debem increases its presence in foreign markets thanks to the creation of its first company in Germany. Debem Deutschland GmbH is the result of the entrepreneurial efforts of Debem srl Italy which has decided to invest in this new reality despite the current economic situation faced by many companies. Debem Deutschland GmbH was born with the intention of providing reliable and quality AODD pumping solutions for all German customers who appreciate the characteristics of reliability, flexibility and convenience that have always characterized the Debem brand. With the new headquarters, Debem wants to further increase its ability to provide reliable and innovative solutions complete with a local support service capable of accurately overseeing the reference market.

Debem Deutschland GmbH specialization

Debem Deutschland GmbH specialization

The offer range of Debem Deutschland GmbH includes pneumatic double diaphragm pumps, pulsation dampers, horizontal axis centrifugal pumps (with mechanical seal and magnetic drive), vertical centrifugal pumps and a wide range of accessories aimed at optimizing efficiency of the pumping solutions.

Debem Deutschland GmbH maintains its specialization in the distribution of pneumatic double diaphragm pumps, a technological solution which, thanks to their versatility and reliability, is used in many applications in order to manage the transfer and handling of fluids. Specifically, double diaphragm pumps can handle fluids with high viscosity in self-priming mode without the use of special mechanical seals. The wide variability of construction materials makes them a product suitable for handling even dangerous or corrosive fluids without causing wear damage to the pump equipment. Pneumatic double diaphragm pumps, operated by compressed air, can also be positioned in areas that are hazardous for the safety of the worker or in hazardous environments characterized by the risk of explosions. For this need, Debem’s AODD pumps are produced with Atex certification, the European standard that makes them compliant with the operational requirements for use in explosive atmospheres. The limited dimensional characteristics and ease of installation also allow for easy handling of the pump within the operating environment.

Pulsation dampers are a solution that can reduce the vibrations resulting from the pulsations of the fluid when using pneumatic double diaphragm pumps. Debem membrane pulsation dampers are characterized by their high performance and robustness and the ability to increase the safety of the system by reducing the need for maintenance, adjustment and calibration.

Debem presents a wide range of electric centrifugal pumps which is divided into three product series. The electric centrifugal pumps with magnetic drive of the DM series and of the KM series made of resin and suitable for handling highly corrosive and aggressive fluids. The centrifugal pumps with horizontal axis made of resin of the MB series, particularly suitable for handling chemical fluids even with the presence of suspended solid elements. The vertical centrifugal pumps, supplied within the IM series, are particularly suitable for use in applications that require the pump to be immersed in the tank.

Within its assortment Debem presents an innovative range of peristaltic pumps particularly suitable for use in water treatment plants, in the chemical and cosmetic sector, in the mining industry and in the paper production sector. Within its range of products, Debem also includes a series of submerged agitators capable of being used in water purification plants, in the production of biogas and in various other application sectors.

The application areas of Debem Deutschland GmbH

The application areas of Debem Deutschland GmbH

The pumping solutions offered by Debem Deutschland GmbH ensure high reliability and a constancy of operation such as to maximize the efficiency of pumping processes regardless of the application sector of destination. For this reason, the pumping solutions offered by Debem can be used efficiently and safely in the Automotive sector, in the Chemical sector, within the Metalworking processes, in the Graphics and Packaging industry, in the Water Treatment sector and in the Mining sectors. and Petrochemicals and in a wide range of other application sectors.

The Debem Deutschland GmbH team

The solutions offered by Debem Deutschland GmbH go far beyond providing the simple pumping solution. Debem Deutschland GmbH customers receive the support of a team of experts throughout the purchasing process: from the analysis of the pumping needs to the selection of the most suitable pump, from the purchase of the product to the provision of after-sales support. The Debem Deutschland GmbH team can provide constant and competent support by keeping the pumping processes at maximum efficiency and profitability regardless of the sector of reference.

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