AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator

Magnetic drive centrifugal pump DM

Electric centrifugal pumps

Debem’s magnetic drive centrifugal pump is the ideal solution for numerous applications. The complete lack of metal parts in contact with the fluids being pumped renders them ideal for working with acids and corrosive products.

Application sectors

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    The pumps are driven by a pair of magnets: the outer magnet is positioned on the motor shaft and transmits the motion to the inner magnet integrated with the hermetically sealed impeller. The magnetic drive centrifugal pump impeller (closed impeller) is not physically fixed to the motor shaft, thereby eliminating the need for seals and consequently any leaks of the liquid being pumped due to wear. Some of the main applications for these types of pumps are laboratory machines or medical equipment, photographic developing machines, galvanic and chemical industry, water treatment, aquariums, filtering systems, heat exchangers, silver recovery systems, graphics industry and in X-ray processes.

    Magnet drive pumps are made with a small number of components, making them very easy to maintain. The pumps are available in polypropylene (PP) or in Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

    – Product designed and constructed in Italy

    – Constructed in polypropylene or PVDF

    – Under head use

    – Extremely easy to maintain

    – Suitable for continuous use