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Magnetic drive pumps: what are they and how do they work?

Pompe a trascinamento magnetico: cosa sono e come funzionano?

Observing the strict safety protocols that characterize many process industries has contributed to the implementation of a new, safer and more reliable pumping technology: the magnetic drive pump. Unlike centrifugal pumps, this technology incorporates a hermetic seal that is not subject to wear on moving parts and is therefore ideal for applications where leakage and spillage of fluid cannot be tolerated for both safety reasons (danger to the environment and workers’ health) and economic reasons (very high leakage recovery costs).

How a magnetic drive pump works

Unlike centrifugal pumps, where the impeller is directly connected to the motor shaft, which sets it in motion, magnetic drive pumps operate through the action of two magnet holders (external and internal). The external magnet is set in motion by the motor shaft, the magnetic attraction moves the internal one which, connected to the impeller via a ceramic shaft, will make it move. The impeller is thus hermetically insulated. As there is no contiguity between the motor shaft and impeller, any risk of fluid leakage or spillage is eliminated.

The elimination of seals is a great improvement in pump performance and reliability. Magnetic drive pumps are available in most metals and materials, metallic and non-metallic. Polymer-coated pumps are also used because they offer greater resistance to corrosion. Polymeric coating options include Polypropylene (PP) or Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF).

Advantages of magnetic drive pumps

Advantages of magnetic drive pumps

The advantages of a magnetic drive pump are many and can be described in the following points.

  • Safety and efficiency: Magnetic drive pumps are a viable solution for applications that handle difficult-to-seal chemicals, particularly with potentially toxic, highly corrosive and expensive liquids, enabling compliance with the stringent environmental and safety regulations of many process industries.
  • Cost optimisation: Centrifugal magnetic drive pumps are a cost-effective solution, as they require less maintenance because they do not use conventional mechanical seals

Applicazioni delle pompe a trascinamento magnetico

Applications of magnetic drive pumps

Magnetic drive pumps are most used in applications in sectors such as:

  • Chemical industry: for handling difficult liquids such as acids, bases, corrosives, etc…
  • Galvanic industry: for pumping volatile liquids.
  • Water treatment: management and handling of additives for purification.
  • Gold industry: silver recovery systems.
  • Photographic industry: transfer of photographic development chemicals.

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DEBEM’s magnetic drive centrifugal pumps

Within its industrial pump range, Debem has two distinct lines of centrifugal magnetic drive pumps. The DM line of centrifugal pumps, made of PP or PVDF material, is particularly suitable for handling highly corrosive fluids. The KM line pumps maintain the same operating characteristics as the DM pumps but are particularly suitable for all applications requiring a higher flow rate.

For technical and commercial information on our products, please contact our sales team, who will be able to help you choose the most suitable pump for your application.