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What are peristaltic pumps and how do they work?

What are peristaltic pumps and how do they work

The type of pump defined as peristaltic describes a particular pumping technology characterized by the ability to pump a fluid without touching it. The configuration technology allows to obtain precise and reliable pumping actions making the peristaltic pumps suitable also for dosing processes.

How does a peristaltic pump work?

Peristaltic pumps are a type of volumetric pump used for pumping a large variety of fluids. The fluid is transported inside a flexible tube using an effective pumping principle, called peristalsis. This operating system is based on a compression action by means of rollers alternating with a relaxation action of the tube that allows the content suction by removing the fluid from the pump.

The peristaltic pump is equipped with a flexible tube that allows the circulation of the fluid even in the case of high viscosity. The peristaltic pumps can pump very aggressive fluids ensuring an accurate pumping action that makes them also suitable for the management of dosing processes. The configuration design, which keeps the fluid confined inside the pipe, combined with the absence of mechanical seals, reduces the risk of contamination and also guarantees an excellent level of abrasion resistance with consequent reduction of maintenance times.

What are the advantages of a peristaltic pump?

The advantages of using a peristaltic pump can be summarized in the following points:

  • Ease of installation: the pumps are easy to use and involve maintenance costs that are not particularly high.
  • Design configuration: Pump fluid does not encounter impellers, vanes, lobes or valves during the pumping path. This protects the pump elements from any risk of wear and abrasion deriving from possible contact with the transported fluid.
  • Flow stability: the peristaltic pump allows to obtain a very accurate pumping action which makes it suitable for dosing or for the management of precision processes.
  • Materials: the tube inside a quality peristaltic pump is usually built with materials that require minimal maintenance and greater productivity in terms of process.
  • Scalability: the configuration design allows the pump to be adapted to simple or complex systems, always guaranteeing a scalable technology to meet the different process requirements.
  • Ease of maintenance: the only spare part is represented by the flexible hose which can be replaced easily and without particular high costs.

What are the application sectors of Peristaltic Pumps

What are the application sectors of Peristaltic Pumps

The peristaltic pump has excellent repeatability accuracy in the distribution and dosing of fluids even of small volumes. These operational features eliminate the need to install any valves, eliminating the usual blocking and siphoning of fluids. For these reasons, peristaltic pumps are frequently used within the following fields of application:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: The construction materials of the pump tube can withstand high temperature disinfection treatment. For this reason, the peristaltic pump finds a common use within the fermentation processes, in the pH regulatory processes and in the distribution processes of cosmetic products.
  • Food sector: The peristaltic pump can be used to transfer viscous liquids as in the case of the distribution of juices, yoghurt, flavorings, syrups and in the case of food production lines for the canning of other foods. The materials used for the construction of the tubing of a peristaltic pump can meet the requirements of USP, FDA and NS.
  • Research Laboratories: Common applications in laboratory research and development include transport of tissues for filtration, sample discoloration, perfusion, liquid chromatography, and transport of acid or alkaline solutions.
  • Other industries: peristaltic pumps can operate in continuous delivery, promptly solving many difficult problems in the delivery of fluid. Thanks to these characteristics, the pumps can be used in the transport of sewage, combustible liquids, printing ink, lubricants and residual slaughter liquids.


The peristalt pumps by Debem constitute a safe and reliable solution within the water treatment sectors, in the chemical industry, in the food and cosmetic industry, in the ceramic and construction industries and in the paper manufacturing industries. We invite you to contact our sales team to obtain a suitable solution for the precise pumping needs.