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The use of Debem double diaphragm pumps in paint and varnish production plants

L’impiego delle pompe a doppia membrana Debem all’interno degli impianti di produzione di pitture e vernici.

The technological evolution of the paint and varnish industry

The paint and varnish production sector is characterised by an evolutionary phase within which there is a need to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the use of all hazardous substances and materials involved in the various stages of the production process. The recent trend to provide plants with a higher level of safety for employees and the environment requires new and different pumping technologies that Debem, with its wide range of solutions and in-depth knowledge of the market, is able to provide.

Choosing the right pumping technology is indeed a key element within the paint and varnish manufacturing industry. The need for efficient pumping systems capable of moving raw materials through the various stages of storage, dosing, filtration, grinding and filling ensures the smooth operation of the production line and minimises scheduled maintenance operations.

Vantaggi di utilizzo delle pompe a membrana Debem nel settore pitture e vernici

Advantages of using Debem AODD pumps in the paint and varnish industry

The use of Debem AODD pumps within the paint and varnish industry achieves high efficiency results thanks to three key distinguishing features.

  • The design configuration of Debem pumps preserves the contact of the pump’s main components with the transferred liquids and substances and reduces the risk of exposure to hazardous materials for employees and the surrounding environment. The air valve configuration ensures low pulsation and vibration operation, as well as easier maintenance than similar pumps.
  • The operational efficiency of Debem diaphragm pumps ensures best-in-class performance for pumping abrasive, viscous and solids-laden fluids, slurries and resins.
  • The materials used in Debem’s double diaphragm pumps help reduce contamination risks and facilitate proper cleaning and sanitization.

Impiego delle pompe AODD Debem nel settore pitture e vernici

Using Debem AODD pumps in the paint and varnish industry

The stages of the paint and varnish production process in which Debem’s double diaphragm pumps can be used are as follows:

  • Loading, unloading and transferring raw materials or semi-finished liquids within the different stages of the production process.
  • Premixing of a wide range of fluids with different viscosity levels, solvents, liquid pigments, resins, oils, etc.
  • Low shear pumping operations to facilitate the dosing of fluids combined with resins and additives.
  • Filtration operations to ensure regular viscosity, dye strength and other important elements such as gloss and colour.
  • Filling of finished products (thin fluids, abrasive liquids, viscous liquids, etc.) into final vessels and containers.
  • Management of wastewater and water run-off pits within the various stages of the production process.
  • Removal, recovery and reuse of waste formed within the production process.

The wide range of AODD pumps in the Debem catalogue, combined with Debem’s in-depth knowledge of the market, can support you in choosing the most suitable pumping technology in line with ever-changing production process requirements. Contact the sales team for information or quotations.