AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator

Pumps for the oil and gas sector

Debem’s oil pumps are used extensively in the oil and gas sector, both off-shore and on-shore. They can be found transporting corrosive fluids, abrasive fluids or with suspended solids. Thanks to the ATEX and IECEx certifications they can operate in potentially explosive atmospheres.

They can also be used to transfer drinking water, filtering, filling and discharging chemical products, fuel, hydrocarbons, antifreeze, dosing, transferring oil and coolant.

Transferring drilling fluid, crude oil, filling and discharging cisterns and on service platforms.

Thanks to the numerous materials available to configure Debem’s oil pumps, they can be installed in applications to transfer corrosive fluids, abrasive products, even in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Summary of applications:
– Filling and discharging antifreeze
– Filling and discharging fuel
– Filling and discharging cisterns
– Filling and discharging hydrocarbons
– Filling and discharging chemical products
– Dosing
– Filtering
– Corrosive fluids
– Transferring drilling fluids
– Transferring coolant
– Transferring oil
– Pumps for abrasive fluids
– Pumps for fluids with suspended solids
– Pumps for corrosive fluids
– Abrasive products
– Transferring drinking water
– Transferring crude oil
– Use on service platforms

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