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How to complement your Debem AODD pump with a variety of useful accessories?


Debem double diaphragm pumps

Debem pneumatic double diaphragm pumps are now a safe and consolidated solution for the general handling of fluids. AODD pumps reliably transfer a wide variety of fluids characterized by different viscosity levels. The construction materials of DEBEM diaphragm pumps allow the handling of corrosive and abrasive fluids without causing damage to the pump components. Debem pumps are also equipped with ATEX certification that allow them to be used in potentially explosive environments.

The advantages of using Debem diaphragm pumps

DEBEM diaphragm pumps, thanks to the high versatility that distinguishes them, are designed to work efficiently within different application sectors. The design configuration makes them a scalable, reliable and economical solution for many applications. The modular structure of AODD pumps can be further optimized with the use of accessories that Debem makes available to its customers.

Debem diaphragm pump accessories

Debem diaphragm pump accessories

The line of original DEBEM spare parts and accessories for diaphragm pumps includes a complete range of accessories designed by DEBEM to complete the functionality of your pump and adapt them to the characteristics of the target system. Accessories such as foot valves, air regulation kits, the basket pump protection filter optimize the functionality of the pump, preserve its conditions and allow to obtain economic advantages on the maintenance side. Below we compile a short list of accessories that Debem makes available to its customers.

  • Reinforcement rings: useful accessories to prevent breakage or damage to the pump during the connection phases, on the fluid side, to the system pipes. The reinforcement rings are made of steel and are applied by pressing on the pump manifolds.
  • Three-way valve: electrically operated valve that allows remote activation and shutdown of the pump.
  • Air regulation kit: aimed at setting or regulating the compressed air pressure. The kit consists of a reducer filter, a fixing bracket, a pressure gauge and different types of pipes and fittings.
  • Quick fittings: they guarantee high resistance and can adapt to reinforced PVC pipes with a metal core. The fittings can withstand the same operating pressure as the pump, are easy to install and allow the pump to be quickly connected to the suction and delivery pipes.
  • Anti-vibration feet: accessory that reduces the vibrations produced by the pump during its normal operation.
  • Basket pump protection filter: accessory that preserves the operation of the pump by applying a basket filter on the suction. In this way the pump is protected from suspended solids and other elements that could cause premature rupture of the membranes. The Debem pump-saving filter can be easily opened, inspected and cleaned and is particularly suitable for use in the chemical sector, in the water purification industry, in fish farms and in the galvanic, tanning, textile and graphics sectors.
  • Foot valve: accessory made of PP or PVDF material and installed in the final part of the suction pipes. The foot valves allow the continuous priming of the pump avoiding the emptying of the suction pipe.
  • Stroke counter: useful accessory for detecting the strokes made by the membranes and for the consequent counting of the number of strokes / cycles performed by the pump. The device, applied to the pneumatic circuit of the pump, allows to detect a series of very useful indicators (eg liters delivered by the pump) and allows remote operation.
  • Cycle predeterminer: mechanical / pneumatic accessory with five-digit counter and on / off button that does not require any electrical connection. The Debem prederminator is functional for the control of the pneumatic double diaphragm pump.

How to order accessories for Debem AODD pumps?

How to order accessories for Debem AODD pumps?

The accessories designed by Debem are the result of many years of consolidated experience and the result of numerous studies carried out at the application level. The accessories can be used on all types of pumps in our catalog. Contact the DEBEM sales team to investigate functional needs and identify the most suitable accessories.