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European Coatings Show 2019

European Coatings Show 2019

There is a continuous growth in demand for paint and coatings on the global market and it was in this context that we took part in the European Coatings Show held in Nuremberg (Germany) from 19 to 21 March 2019 with an innovative stand filled with interesting technical items.

The trade fair was a huge success and we received a vast number of visits from a knowledgeable general public interested in the presentation of the company’s latest innovations, our range of products for pump paint and ink, coatings, sealants and adhesives. Technologically advanced pumps for printing, paints, solvents and glues: innovative solutions for solving any problem in the industry.


We presented the new BOXER FPC 100 pump, a pneumatic double diaphragm pump produced entirely in PTFE thanks to machining with a machine tool. A unique pump of its kind, which offers a wide range of application options both on the solvents and paint as well as the chemical market, for pumping particularly aggressive liquids, and in the food industry as PTFE FDA is the only material which comes into contact with the fluid. The pump is completely covered by an AISI 316 metallic frame which makes it more robust and less deformable.

The spotlight was also turned on the new small sized pumps ideal for the graphics industry for pumping paints and enamels (both water and solvent based) like the BOXER 7 and the BOXER 15.


The BOXER 7 pump combines high performance and compact size. We decided to combine the dimensional features of the MIDGETBOX pump with those found in the normal BOXER pumps to achieve one of the smallest diaphragm pumps on the market, though one with performance levels on a par with their larger counterparts. This pump has ¼” Gas F connections and produces a flow of 9 litres per minute and, unlike the MIDGETBOX, can also conduct dirty fluids with small suspended solids.


The BOXER 15 pump combines the dimensional aspects of the CUBIC15 pump with the typical design of the pumps in the BOXER range and, despite the BOXER 15’s small size, it can produce a flow of 17 litres a minute with 3/8” G F suction and delivery connections.

Visitors were also attracted to the split system on the pneumatic pumps recreated by an innovative exhibitor demonstrating how two different kinds of fluids can be pumped by a single pump.

Our company does not shy away from customising existing products to satisfy our clients’ demands. When you need to conduct several fluids with identical chemical /physical characteristics, but lack the space needed to install several pumps, the same pump can be modified (by replacing the normal manifolds with the split ones) so that a single pump can conduct two different fluids as happens, for example, in batch formulating plants, genuine dosing plants, mixing and moving industrial colorants in industries like textiles, where it is very common to resort to changes of this kind due to the very limited spaces in which the pumps are often installed.

Thanks to everyone who visited our stand and please stay tuned to the Debem blog so we can keep you up to date with what’s new.