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Acid pump: how to choose the right one

Pompa per acidi: come sceglierla correttamente

Need an acid pump and want to learn more about how to choose this particular pumping solution? You are in the right place! In this article we will delve into the main features of acid pumps highlighting the benefits in terms of productivity, safety and environmental protection.

Why is it important to have a suitable acid pump?

Companies operating in the industrial chemical sector are obliged to maintain high safety standards in order to safeguard the plant, the environment and the health of workers involved in the production process. Any leakage of substances during the production process can have serious consequences for the health of workers, the plant and the surrounding environment.

The production of chemicals is also very costly and any plant shutdown or contamination of the final product could result in huge economic losses. Add to this the high variety of chemicals used each year in production processes, which requires an extremely diverse product portfolio to meet the complex range of requirements.

It is precisely for these reasons that it is necessary to have suitable pumping equipment and applications that guarantee durability, ease of service and above all safety.

What Debem acid pumps are for

What Debem acid pumps are for

Debem acid pumps are designed and manufactured with materials that can withstand substances with different levels of viscosity, corrosiveness and abrasiveness. Their extremely compact dimensions make them perfect in terms of versatility for any industrial application. This makes it possible to handle a wide range of fluids without causing production interruptions or plant breakdowns. A Debem acid pump can efficiently handle the following substances

  • Muriatic acids
  • Sulphuric acids
  • Citric acids
  • Hydrochloric acids
  • Chromic acids
  • Phosphoric acids
  • Acetic acids
  • Hydrofluoric acids
  • Nitric acids

The acid pumps offered by Debem can also handle a wide variety of chemicals including solvents, paints, inks, fuels, food and pharmaceutical fluids, viscous liquids, abrasive chemicals, and explosive or flammable liquids.

The materials of construction of acid pumps

The materials of construction of acid pumps

In order to ensure durability and above all reliability against wear damage caused by aggressive substances, it is important that acid pumps are constructed from suitable materials. In particular, the materials used by Debem for its pumping solutions offer the following options.

Polypropylene pumps (PP)

Pumps made from a thermoplastic polymer with high anti-acid characteristics. Polypropylene provides good resistance to most acidic and alkaline solutions and can be used at temperatures up to 70°C.

PVDF pumps

Pumps made of a thermoplastic polymer that can effectively resist aggressive chemicals such as strong acids. The temperature applicability range is very high and goes from -10° C to 100° C.

PTFE pumps

Pumps made entirely of PTFE provide high resistance in handling strong acids and all corrosive substances in general.

Further advantages of Debem acid pumps

Further advantages of Debem acid pumps

The AODD acid pump offered by Debem is the ideal solution in terms of reliability, versatility and ease of maintenance. Here are some additional advantages of AODD pumps:

  • No electricity: Debem pumps run on compressed air and do not require electricity for operation. Thanks to this feature, Debem pumps are also a particularly good solution for operation in potentially explosive environments (Atex Zones).
  • Versatility: Debem pumps, thanks to their extremely compact dimensions, can be used in different application contexts and can also be easily moved to different parts of the plant.
  • Wide viscosity range: Debem’s AODD pumps are equipped to handle fluids with a high viscosity range.
  • Safety: Many pumping technologies require special circulation controls to enable the pump to handle frequent stops and restarts. Debem’s acid pumps can effectively handle vacuum manoeuvres in dead-head applications. In this case, the pump provides a damage-free shutdown of operation.

Debem acid pumps: the ideal solution for the chemical industry

Debem acid pumps: the ideal solution for the chemical industry

For more than 40 years, Debem has offered a wide range of AODD double diaphragm pumps characterised by innovative technology standards, reliability and durability to support the most demanding requirements of many industries. Debem’s acid pumps are one of the safest and most effective solutions on the market and are the optimal choice for handling many chemicals.

For more information on our selection of AODD pumps for the chemical industry, please contact our technical sales team.