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The use of DEBEM AODD pumps for the heaviest applications

L'utilizzo delle pompe a membrana DEBEM per le applicazioni più gravose

The evolution of production sectors with high safety risks such as the oil and mining industry, the oil & gas sector and the water purification and waste management sectors has led to an increase in safety conditions aimed at both the environment and the health of workers. Within these sectors, compliance with international safety regulations and the development of appropriate company training plans have undoubtedly contributed to maintaining high safety conditions. However, companies, in addition to complying with safety regulations, must also be able to operate plants reliably while ensuring high efficiency and performance.  Within this context, the use of appropriate equipment capable of ensuring operational continuity while minimizing maintenance interventions becomes strategic. In this context, air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODDs) provide reliability and safety in hazardous liquid transfer operations and ensure reliability and operational continuity for facilities located in remote locations or open sea.

I vantaggi delle pompe a membrana nei settori industriali più pericolosi 

The advantages of AODD pumps in hazardous industries

Double-diaphragm pumps are now an established solution in handling aggressive or hazardous fluids in a variety of application areas. Specifically, AODD pumps have the following advantages:

  • Compressed air supply: double diaphragm pumps do not require the use of electricity, a factor that makes them extremely safe within potentially explosive and flammable environments.
  • Design features: the special design configuration, in addition to making them easily transportable and positionable within the plant, allows safe and efficient transfer of a wide range of liquids even with the presence of suspended solids such as sludge, wastewater, sand, leaves and branches.
  • Construction materials: the components of membrane pumps, due to the use of special construction materials, are subject to limited wear and tear. This factor is also emphasized by the special design features that avoid fluid contact with the main pump components, thus reducing the risk of wear.
  • Self-priming capabilities: double diaphragm pump is capable of dry running and demonstrate excellent self-priming capabilities.
  • Safety certifications: double diaphragm pumps can be ATEX and IECEx certified and therefore used within potentially hazardous or explosion-prone industries.

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What heavy-duty applications can diaphragm pumps handle?

Double diaphragm pumps can handle a wide variety of fluids with high volumes, secure the plant from leakage hazards, and preserve worker health by minimizing exposure to harmful or hazardous substances. The applications handled within the compartments with particularly heavy-duty characteristics are as follows:

  • Oil and Gas Sector: lubricating oil transfer, glycol transfer, sump management, tank bottom recirculation, and management of fluid handling operations within offshore and onshore stations. The Boxer line of ATEX- IECEx certified double diaphragm positive displacement pumps are the ideal solution for use within the oil and gas industry.
  • Wastewater sector: feeding filter press applications, removal of solids and sludge, purification of water from toxic substances or contamination by polluting waste, management of neutralization plants. The FULLFLOW 502 pump is an excellent solution within water and sludge management application contexts.
  • Mining industry: management and transfer of drilling mud, dewatering and dewatering operation, management of well water evacuation, washing and separation of ores, feeding of drilling machines. Within this context, diaphragm pumps of the Boxer and FULLFLOW 502 line are an effective and safe solution.

DEBEM pumping technology for the toughest industries

Debem is a leading manufacturer of AODD pumps with over 40 years of history of experience in providing pumping technology for the heaviest applications. Relying on Debem means equipping your plant with the best conditions to ensure high standards of quality and reliability. If you operate within these manufacturing sectors, we invite you to contact our sales team. We will be able to advise you on the solution most in line with your safety needs.