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The tailor-made solutions for pneumatic pumps provided by DEBEM

Le soluzioni su misura fornite da DEBEM

Debem SRL has a customization department dedicated to providing complete and special solutions for application sectors that require complex and demanding operating conditions such as petrochemicals, chemicals and for the process industry. The goal is to provide turnkey solutions to support specific needs relating to the problems of pumping, transferring and dosing fluids. To oversee all the aspects and activities necessary for the customization of products, Debem SRL has been collaborating for years with the Euralca company (SABI Pompe e Impianti Group) based in Cologno Monzese (MI).

The assembly of Custom solutions

The assembly of Custom solutions

Debem SRL allows the customization of the industrial pumps of its lines by installing components and accessories for pumps aimed at improving their performance by adapting them to the operating and application context. These elements are characterized by the highest standards in terms of efficiency and reliability and guarantee:

  • Optimization of the performance and productivity of the pneumatic pump;
  • Maximizing the time extension of the pump’s operating cycle;
  • The protection of auxiliary equipment in the fluid flow path;
  • The improvement of safety standards;
  • Precise control of pump efficiency.

The elements that form the basis of configuration and customization of Debem pneumatic pumps are the following.

  • Handling solutions: Debem SRL provides solutions such as bases and trolleys for the handling of pneumatic pumps to support portability needs.
  • Surge Suppressors: Surge Suppressors provide pulse-free exhaust flow to stabilize pressure and minimize noise and vibration.
  • Filters and air regulators: Filters and air regulators protect the pump air valve and remove solid and liquid contaminants from the air lines to provide further pump control.
  • Level control systems: The level control systems ensure automatic opening and closing of the air supply to the pump using floats.
  • Leak detectors: Leak detectors are a fundamental control tool for the correct operation of pneumatic pumps and act by deactivating the pump in the event of liquid presence on the air side.

The special executions

The special executions

Upon specific customer request, Debem SRL is able to perform special executions by customizing its pneumatic pump lines through the use of special materials in order to ensure perfect operation for each type of application.

Duplex stainless steel

Duplex stainless steels have a two-phase microstructure consisting of austenitic and ferritic grains which guarantee the pumps a higher resistance than the austenitic versions. They are characterized by good toughness and ductility and excellent corrosion resistance. Duplex stainless-steel pumps are often used in the chemical, petrochemical and offshore industries.

Super Duplex Stainless Steel

Super duplex stainless steels have a composition of 25% chromium aimed at increasing the level of resistance to pitting corrosion. This feature makes Super Duplex pumps ideal for use in applications such as long-term immersion in sea water or industrial processes in aggressive solutions.


Inconel is a nickel and chromium-based alloy which has excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures and corrosion. Inconel pumps are suitable for use in extreme environments subjected to pressure and heat. When heated, Inconel forms a thick and stable and passivating oxide layer that protects the surface of the pump.

The painting

The painting

The customized solutions that can be designed by Debem SRL include the painting phase of our pneumatic pumps. We carry out the painting according to customer specifications respecting the NACE and Frosio standards to guarantee the highest quality of the finished product. The painting process, based on the type of project, includes:

  • Verification of the degree of preparation of the surfaces
  • Measurements and checks on the painting cycle
  • Verification and examination of any defects
  • Evaluation and certification of the results obtained
  • Studies on the durability of the paint


Thanks to the collaboration with the Euralca company, Debem can satisfy any type of request in the field of customization, providing customized pneumatic pumps suitable to satisfy any operational and environmental need. The tailor-made solutions are adaptable to all our air pump models, whether with metal or plastic construction materials.

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