AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator

Drum transfer pump

The drum transfer pump consist of a dip tube at the end of which the open impeller is housed, fixed on the drive shaft connected to the pump by means of a ring nut, while the transmission takes place through a transmission joint. The operation is given by the impeller, which is integral with the shaft, and is connected to the electric or pneumatic motor, by means of a coupling, which rotates it, creating the centrifugal effect.

Drum transfer pump with electric motor

Drum transfer pump with electric motor is fitted with an 800 watt (10500 RPM) motor and open impeller.

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Pneumatic drum transfer pump

Pneumatic drum transfer pump can produce flow rates up to 70 litre/minute.

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    The transfer pumps must be used exclusively vertically and with the pump immersed in the fluid. Dry-running or the presence of air bubbles could damage the shaft guide internal bushing.
    Portable drum transfer pump is ideally suited for pumping corrosive fluids and work by being immersed in the liquid. Their construction has been designed specifically to ensure that any product spillages are collected in the drum.

    – Product designed and constructed in Italy

    – Portable

    – Suitable for corrosive fluids

    – Possibility of adjusting the flow rate (in the version with pneumatic motor)

    – No mechanical seals

    – Easy to disassemble