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Five reasons why an AODD pump is more versatile than a normal centrifugal pump

Cinque motivi per cui una pompa AODD risulta più versatile di una normale pompa centrifuga

Double diaphragm pneumatic pumps

The particular design configuration combined with the ease of use makes the double diaphragm pump one of the most versatile pumps for a wide range of applications. AODD pumps are known for their versatility and ability to withstand the harshest environments and applications. In this post we want to list five reasons why an AODD pump has greater versatility characteristics than a normal centrifugal pump.

What are the reasons for the greater versatility of AODD pumps?

What are the reasons for the greater versatility of AODD pumps?

  1. Variety of fluids

In general, AODD pumps can be applied to a wider variety of fluids than centrifugal pumps better suited to transporting cleaner fluids. AODD pumps, on the other hand, are more suitable for transporting viscous fluids, loaded with solids and sensitive to shear such as: paints, food products, clay muds and soaps or detergents.

  1. Different fields of operation

Compared to normal centrifugal pumps, less flexible in terms of adaptation, AODD pumps have a variable operating range that can be adjusted by varying the air pressure by means of a simple valve. In this way it is possible to select the head curve for a given application or process.

  1. Self-priming functionality

Unlike normal centrifugal pumps, which are not self-priming, AODD pumps are self-priming and do not require liquid to be present before starting. The design configuration of the AODD pumps is such that they form a vacuum allowing atmospheric pressure to push the liquid into the pump suction port.

  1. Dry running

Running a centrifugal pump without liquid can be detrimental to most pump models. Centrifugal pump components are subject to wear or overheating unless made of materials designed to run dry. In most cases, dry running of an AODD pump is not a problem as their design features make them suitable for safe dry running without risk of overheating.

  1. Portability

Both centrifugal and AODD pumps can be prepared for easy transport. For example, self-priming centrifugal pumps are often paired with a gas or diesel engine and arranged on a frame to be portable. On the other hand, the double diaphragm pumps, due to their dimensional characteristics, can be easily moved from one point of the system to another without special maintenance and installation interventions.

Contact Debem to find the right AODD pump for your needs

Contact Debem to find the right AODD pump for your needs

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