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Debem ora anche in Giappone

The land of the rising sun has always been an alluring market in which to develop business, but high expectations have to reckon with an hermetic and difficult situation to break. Japan is a very traditional and closed country, which prefers to protect its own products against those that come from abroad. In some ways it tends to cut out foreign competitors from its market. Not wanting to give up on such an opportunity, Debem, after a targeted search for possible partners, managed to find a valid ally to enter the Japanese market.

Debem has signed a partnership agreement with Martini Tech, as of today our exclusive agent for the Japanese market. This partnership embodies Debem’s philosophy, that is, a continuous research for first-rate, reliable and efficient partners that are able to not only promote our products in the best possible way abroad, but that also carry the company’s values and technical know-how, which is our hallmark. All the companies that collaborate with Debem can count on the support of a solid and pro-active partner. The personnel is provided with high-level technical training, both in terms of the operation and maintenance of the products and their application in various industrial sectors. The continuous updates with interactive technical and learning material, sharing all the specifications of Debem’s pumps that place our products at the top of the industrial pumps sector, render all our external partners an integral part of the company.


Martini Tech is a company with headquarters in Japan that acts as distributor and agent for Italian and European companies wanting to expand their business in the land of the rising sun. As well providing the company with sales support, it also provides engineering, consultancy, maintenance and support services for trade shows.

One of the unique aspects of Martini Tech is its team of expert maintenance staff, that can provide after-sale support across the whole of Japan.

Since it was founded Martini Tech has worked closely with leading Japanese companies. The development of solid ties with top-class Japanese partners has revealed itself to be an excellent strategy to further Italian companies in such a competitive and dynamic market.


  • Guaranteed, punctual and efficient maintenance
  • Emergency repairs to prevent system down times
  • A continuous technological interaction between manufacturer and partner, to remain up to date with the products and the latest developments from the parent company
  • Preparation, supervision, assembly and maintenance of the equipment supplied
  • Continuous market research and analysis