AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator


Air-operated double diaphragm pumps

Product designed and constructed in Italy
PATENTED stall-prevention pneumatic circuit
Operates with non-lubricated air
Dry operation
Adjustable operating speed
Extremely versatile
Suitable for pumping liquids with high viscosity and demanding applications
Possibility of pumping fluids with suspended solids up to Ø 45 mm and up to 600 mm in length (configurable on request for longer distances)
LONG LIFE profile diaphragms for greater resistance and longer life
Suitable for continuous use

Application sectors

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    In recent years, our R&D department has developed and patented a new pump model, the FULLFLOW 502, a unique pump of its kind.

    The new FULLFLOW 502 pump is fitted with flaps instead of the classic ball valves, which allow the passage of large-sized solids, reducing at the same time the crushing normally associated to the passage through balls and cages. Even though the maximum diameter for the passage of solids of 45 mm is not exclusive, the uniqueness for this type of pumps lies in the maximum length of the solids: 600 mm.

    Similarly, the pump features an exclusive patented circuit positioned below, perpendicularly to the fluid chambers instead of being in axis. The fluid dynamics of this choice ensure that the solids transit outside the pump casing, following a linear path at a lower level to the pump. The maximum flow rate is about 530 litres per minute.