AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator

Pumps for painting and the paint industry

Paint pumps with polypropylene, stainless steel or aluminium diaphragms are the ideal solution for transferring water-based paints, solvent-based paints (thanks to the ATEX and IECEx certifications), water paint, enamels and protective paints.

Debem’s paint pumps are not solely found in painting systems, they are also used in spraying metal protective paint, curtain coaters, roller coaters and spraying robots, to supply adhesive dispensers and in paint, solvent or glue distribution control units.

Debem’s products range includes transfer pumps and products for packaging, all types of painting systems such as pumps for isocyanate and pumps for painting with polypropylene diaphragms.

Summary of applications:

– Supplying adhesive dispensers
– Supplying curtain coaters, roller coaters and spraying robots
– Paint, solvents and glue distribution control units
– Painting systems
– Transfer pump
Paint pump with stainless steel diaphragm
– Painting pump with polypropylene diaphragm
– Transfer pumps
– Pumps for isocyanate
– Pumps for paint
– Painting pumps
– Spraying metal protective paint
– Transfer water paint, enamels and protective paints
– Transfer water-based and solvent-based paints