AODD Configurator

AODD Configurator

Lubrication pumps for the mechanical and metallurgic industry

Debem’s lubrication pumps are ideal for spraying release agents, PTFE coatings, protective paints, abrasive polishing pastes, drawing lubricants, release agents for gravity or die casting; for supplying oil lubrication systems, in circulating detergents and discharging sludge from washing plants.

In painting they can be used when testing pressurised containers (cylinders, tanks), testing valves, taps, tubes, in transferring binders for foundry sand, resins for models or as lubrication pumps.

Summary of applications:
– Supplying lubrication systems with oil
– Circulating detergents
– Testing pressurised containers such as cylinders and tanks
– Testing valves, taps and tubes
– Release agents for gravity casting
– Release agents for die casting
– Drawing lubricants
– Transferring abrasive polishing pastes
Lubrication pumps
– Resins for models
– Sludge discharge on washing plants
– Spraying release agents
– Spraying protective paints
– Spraying coatings with PTFE
– Transferring binders for foundry sand
– Painting