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How to dismantle a DM centrifugal pump (magnetic)

19 September 2019

How is a Debem DM centrifugal pump dismantled properly?

In a few easy steps, damaged or worn parts can be checked and, if necessary, replaced, or preventative measures taken.

Only after ensuring that the pump has been cleaned internally and there are no dangerous substances, proceed as follows. Debem Srl takes no responsibility for damage to property or injury to people, arising from the implementation of the following instructions in the absence of the obligatory environmental and operator safety requirements.

1) disconnect the electrical wires entering the electric motor cover

2) disconnect the circuit pump

3) remove the screws (3)

4) uncouple the pump unit (1) and remove the o-ring (5)

(5) only if the thrust bearing ceramic is damaged should it be removed (12) along with the cap (2)

6) remove the whole magnetic unit including the impeller and graphite thrust support ring (13 + 4 + 6), taking care not to damage the ceramic shaft guide (14)

7) if one of the parts is damaged, uncouple the elements 13, 4 and 6

8) remove the ceramic shaft guide (14)

9) extract the ceramic fifth wheel (8)

10) extract the rear unit (7) from its seat. This is the point at which the pumping unit is removed.

11) remove the countersunk screws (9)

12) extract the internal magnetic unit (10)

Next stages, such as the removal of the lantern, compromise the factory centring, so this can only be done by qualified personnel (Debem Srl and its authorised service centres).

Should you require more detailed instructions, we recommend consulting the user manual.

For any other queries, please contact our technical office at any time.

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